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Jentec Trading GmbH

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About us

Project engineering and delivery of equipments for pharmacy, cosmetic and chemistry taking into account the GMP-conditions.

Stainless steel drums, container and drum cleaning systems, transportation devices for clean rooms, drum heater, dry cupboards,  mills, roller compactors, sieves, sterilization technology, vacuum and freeze drying technology, filling machines, moulded plastic packaging for suppositories/unit-dose packaging, charging, dosage and filling in milligram to gram range with highest dosage, mixer and reactors from high-grade steel, glass or enamel, rotary evaporators.

Products and services

  • Drums and hoppers from stainless steel

  • Containment Split Valve (OEL 4)

  • Wide neck drums from plastic

  • Aluminium pallets and boxes

  • Mobile round container with pneumatic  vacuum conveyor

  • Suppositories in different shapes and sizes

  • Grinding elements of mills

  • Dosing and filling system for viscosity media
Drums and hoppers from stainless steel

Drums and hoppers from stainless steel

Containment Split Valve (OEL 4)

Containment Split Valve (OEL 4)

The two halves of the split valve (active and passive valves) must be docked together in order to open the valve.

Mobile round container with pneumatic vacuum conveyor

Mobile round container with pneumatic vacuum conveyor


Jentec Trading GmbH
Rosenweg 1
07751 Jena

Phone: +49 364 146200

Johannes Schmidt
Managing Director
Phone: +49 364 1462012

JENTEC Branch office Moscow

109144 Moscow

Phone: +7 095 3494860

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