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Positioners with Industrial Ethernet interface

Bürkert now offers a range of brand-new positioners and process controllers Type 8692 / 8693 + 8792 / 8793, featuring Industrial Ethernet and a büS-interface. The büS-interface is a communication protocol developed by Bürkert, which is used for better communication of new...

Exhibitor: Bürkert

Bürkert introduces Innovative hydroforming body for membrane valves

Bürkert introduces a new body for membrane valves, which is foremost designed for hygienic applications. The body is manufactured using a patented technology called hydroforming and meets the highest requirements for materials and cleanability of the valve. What makes this body unique is...

Exhibitor: Bürkert

FLOWave - innovation in flow measurement by Bürkert

Bürkert has developed a fundamentally new flow measuring device - FLOWave (type 8098) - based on the new SAW technology - Surface Acoustic Waves. One of the outstanding features of this technology is the measuring tube without any components or structures inside. There is no long time selection...

Exhibitor: Bürkert

CONSTANTIA Flexible Blister

An innovative strip pack for oral dosage pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and personal care pills or tablets. It is fully customizable in terms of technical and regulatory requirements according to the customer needs, always protecting the barrier integrity through totally flexible film...

Exhibitor: Constantia Hueck Folien GmbH & Co. KG

CONSTANTIA Digital Blister

With digitally printed blister Constantia Flexibles is offering “individualized pharmaceutical packaging” and supporting pharma industry in meeting upcoming trend of personalized medication. Printed variable data, such as batch and serial number or a QR code, creates a strong benefit for both,...

Exhibitor: Constantia Hueck Folien GmbH & Co. KG


The global supply of medical devices poses a considerable challenge for product protection. These valuable goods must be optimally protected from mechanical and environmental influences. The new aluminum container system represents one of the best packaging options for sensitive medical...

Exhibitor: Constantia Hueck Folien GmbH & Co. KG

Square drums make every inch count

Are you looking to eliminate wasted space on your pallet? Maximizing volumetric efficiency to avoid shipping air lowers supply chain cost and may lead to sustainability gains in other life cycle stages such as warehousing. CurTec has designed a new blow molded square drum that reduces empty...

Exhibitor: CurTec Deutschland GmbH

Exyte as new brand for core business activities of M+W Group

Effective as of August 1st 2018, the core business activities of M+W Group, namely Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), Life Sciences and Chemicals (LSC), Data Centers (DTC) and Regional Specific Businesses (RSB) in their core countries will be known as Exyte. The new name is the logical next...

Exhibitor: Exyte AG

Mixer Selection Puts a Positive Spin on DPI Formulation

The complexities of developing a DPI formulation are not straightforward. It demands an understanding of powder flowability, cohesion, adhesion and the mechanical bonding of specific powders in order to create the appropriate blend. HOSOKAWA’s ongoing development of the Cyclomix,...

Exhibitor: Hosokawa Micron BV

Contained Active Freeze Drying revolutionises pharmaceutical materials drying

A new method of lyophilisation or freeze drying that uses a single, sterilisable, closed vessel to deliver lump free, fine powder product has the capability to revolutionise the production of bulk pharmaceutical powders. With the benefits of improved operator safety, reduced equipment...

Exhibitor: Hosokawa Micron BV

Tablet coater in a new design

Lödige Process Technology carried out several innovations in the field of coating technology for the pharmaceutical industry. Especially the LC series of coaters has been subject of extensive redesign. Advanced sensors facilitate optimization of the spraying and drying process, and simple...

Exhibitor: Lödige Process Technology

Bring Your samples for particle size analysis with laser diffraction granulometer at the booth of Sympatec GmbH (OOO “Sympatec”)!

We invite You to visit our booth of Sympatec GmbH (OOO "Sympatec") at PharmTech 2018 - Pavilion 2, Hall 8, booth B420. On our booth will be presented modern and innovative instruments for particle size of any dispersed systems (powders and granules, suspensions and emulsions, aerosols and...

Exhibitor: Sympatec GmbH

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