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In third generation, Memmert has been developing and producing climate chambers, heating and drying ovens, incubators as well as waterbaths for a very wide range of applications.

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Now in its third generation, Memmert has been developing and producing climate chambers, heating and drying ovens, incubators as well as waterbaths at two locations in southern Germany (Schwabach and Buechenbach) for a very wide range of applications. Around 450 employees from about 30 nations are involved in the success of our company. In over 190 countries all over the world, hundreds of thousands of Memmert products have been permanently in use for decades. Therefore Memmert is one of the most innovative and leading manufacturers of temperature control devices worldwide. Further information can be found on our website We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

Memmert GmbH & Co. KG
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Products and Services

Memmert develops and manufactures climate chambers, heating and drying ovens, incubators, medical devices as well as water baths for a wide variety of applications in many areas. The product range is just as versatile as the customer's applications. Whether in the pharmaceutical sector, medical sector, in industry or food – with a large variety of temperature control and climate units almost every need can be covered. The devices are used in areas such as biological, chemical and food research.
Climate chamber ICH

Climate-friendly and powerful: The ICHeco climate chamber for the stability testing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food works with environmentally-friendly CO2 (R744) as refrigerant. Memmert is thus initiating the climate-friendly future of compressor-cooled temperature control appliances. Furthermore, the ICHeco scores with its unique uniformity of temperature and humidity.

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Constant climate chamber HPPeco

In continuous operation, this climate chamber works around 90% more energy efficiently than compressor-cooled devices, does not require any refrigerant and is therefore nearly maintenance-free. The temperature control from +0 ºC to +70 ºC as well as the active humidification and dehumidification from 10% to 90% rh in the HPPeco are optimally tailored to the requirements of stability tests in pharmaceutical industry (Q1A).

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Waterbath WTB

Ideal for the temperature control of ointments, emulsions, samples, plates and nutrient solutions in the laboratory, as well as warm storage and calibration in the industrial segment. The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes. The operating concept impresses with its intuitive and convenient menu navigation. A special highlight: with the customizable, remote view CustomView, you can always keep an eye on the important information.

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News & Innovations

Memmert’s Advanced Peltier Technology increases efficiency in laboratories
Memmert GmbH + Co. KG has been producing climate and temperature control devices for around 80 years which are used in a wide variety of industries around the world, e.g. in pharmaceutical laboratories or in medicine. What remains the constant goals are innovative technologies, performance, and efficiency. Memmert also attaches great importance to offering environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Memmert specializes in Peltier technology research for over 25 years now which has advanced over time offering considerably large energy savings. The high efficiency of the Advanced Peltier Technology has now been confirmed in an independent, scientific technology comparison. Memmert Peltier technology seven times more efficient than comparable technologies. The Memmert Advanced Peltier Technology was developed to create an efficient alternative to compressor technology. The constant climate chamber HPPeco consumes only one-seventh of the energy compared to competitor products. The independent test laboratory, Testo Industrial Services AG, concluded this result. Further reading
Waterbath WTB scores with compact design and ease of operation

The South German laboratory equipment manufacturer Memmert presents one of its classics with modern comfort features and a contemporary design: the new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.

Compact, space-saving construction

"Our new waterbath WTB is compact class and comfort class in one," explains Philipp Schwarm, Managing Director and Head of R&D at Memmert. Heating and control technology as well as design have been developed from scratch, so that the compact, lightweight appliances can fit into any laboratory. The guiding design principle, however, was maximum operating convenience.
Intuitive operation, flexible expansion.

The central eye-catcher on the unmistakable structural stainless steel housing is the personalisable remote view CustomView of the touchscreen. From every corner of the laboratory, users always have the essential parameters in view. The stainless steel tray has rounded corners and a drain valve as standard. The bath can be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned without tilting.

For special applications, the circulation pump, shaking device and test tube holder or insertable rack can be expanded at any time. The Memmert waterbath is available with an interior volume between 7 and 51 litres and has a temperature setting range from 5 ℃ above room temperature to 100 ℃. With a Peltier cooling device, the medium can be cooled down to +10 ℃.

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